How Much Faith Do I Need to Cure an Illness?

Companion Blog Post for the Journal

September: A Month of Faithfulness

Concept Week 3

Write Your Life With Grace, Fruit of the Spirit Guided Journal (October, 2016)

“Faith opens the door for miracles to happen.”

At 2:00 a.m. this morning I awoke with familiar pain. My immediate response? “Please, God, not again. I’m begging you. Not. Again. Please. Take it away.”

I’m at the tail-end of a three-week-and-counting stint of my third round of pneumonia (my lungs are seriously out to get me) and here comes bladder infection #432. I’ve been getting them since I was four years old. In fact, I spent a week in the hospital at the age of four so they could look for my second kidney. After many traumatic explorations (this was 1971), they found it hiding out in the front. Weird anatomy should be my sub-heading. Begging for healing has become my default.

In the two hours of lost sleep, aside from looking for my stock of pain pills and making six trips to the bathroom and telling the dog ‘we’re not getting up yet, go back to sleep’ and marveling that my husband snored through the whole disturbance, I wrestled with God.

“You can heal me. You created me. I have faith in you. I believe you can heal me.” Uh-huh. And then I started laying out the situation to Him. As if He wasn’t already aware. “Look. I have barely been off the couch in three weeks. And now this? My mom and my husband are already freaked out enough. Why worry them even more? I will need more antibiotics. Don’t you know how bad it is for the human body to take all that crap?” And then I began reciting one of my favorite passages from John 15. The summary that I repeated over and over is this: “’If you remain in Me and I remain in you, ask for anything in My name and I will give it to you’…So, what I want, Lord, is for you to remove the infection immediately. I can’t work when I’m sick. I can’t do anything when I’m sick. I can’t be taking more antibiotics. Make me healthy.’”

What do I expect God to do in my life? Does He say that He is a genie in the sky?

This is where I have to tell myself to get a grip. And this is where I have to talk myself off the slide of despair. If what God says is true, that He is more interested in our character than our comfort, that we will have troubles in this world but He will overcome them all, that the point isn’t to get rid of problems or pain but to allow Him to mature us through them, then I have a choice to make.

Either, I must choose to believe Him (faith in His character) and put the pain to good use, look at it as a tool to grow my character and bless others, or, choose to be a victim, depressed, frustrated, and cranky.

Can I be honest? I really don’t want to keep going through this. It’s easier, and sometimes more fun, to complain and be angry. But if the goal is to leave a healthy emotional legacy, to develop a character that I will be proud to take with me when I meet my Maker, then I have no choice but to choose faith in God’s character as I trudge, yet again, through the doors of the doctor’s office. And I will try really hard not to cry as I look for my miracle.

*****UPDATE 32 hours later: Normally I am in a tremendous amount of pain for several days with these infections. The pain pill I took at 2:00 a.m. was the only one I needed. I’m on more antibiotics, but have zero pain. Faith opened the door for this miracle! God. Is. So. Good. I’m so grateful to Him for my health!

–Tara Schiro is the author of the upcoming release, Write Your Life With Grace, Fruit of the Spirit Guided Journal (October, 2016), and No Arms, No Legs, No Problem, the memoir of bronze-medal Paralympian (Quad Rugby), Bob Lujano.


4 thoughts on “How Much Faith Do I Need to Cure an Illness?


    Tara,first things first.Get yourself better! I imagine pneumonia with asthma must be serious.I ordered your first book the other day and received it in the mail today.I didn’t know that you were writing.I was with my Uncle the other day and he was telling me about a book that I should read.He is a member of a men’s group called the Mankind Project,They do community work and other man group things.Imagine my surprise when he showed me your book! Your book is recommended reading within the group.Well I hope you feel better and I am anxious to start reading.KEEP WRITING!!!!!


    1. Sean, I’m am excited to hear that “No Arms, No Legs, No Problem” is recommended reading in the man group! If you don’t mind my asking, what state is your Uncle in? If you’d rather not say for privacy, no worries. I’m always curious the demographic that connects with Bob’s book. Please tell your Uncle, “Thank you! I’m so grateful!” I can’t wait to hear your feedback on it. My second book was just released on Amazon. I haven’t put the official word out yet, but it’s there for sale! “Write Your Life With Grace, Fruit of the Spirit Guided Journal.” Tara



    Hey Tara I finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Bob is truly a inspiration.For someone to endure all that he has in his life is a testament not only to his faith in the Lord but also his faith in himself>he could have easily given up but chose to live and thrive.I truly respect Bob for all that he has accomplished and all that he has yet to.I feel guilty for not achieving more in my life , but after reading this I plan on doing things to enrich my life and the lives of others.
    My Uncle lives in Aurora,Ohio and is a member of the mankind project chapter in Wellington,Ohio.
    Well just wanted to say that I enjoyed the book.What is your latest book about?



    1. Sean, I’m so glad you enjoyed, “No Arms, No Legs, No Problem” and that it is inspiring you to up your game. Bob is continuing to do great things; you can find him (Bob Lujano) on Facebook and Twitter to see his work in Inclusion for Sport for the disabled. He’s also engaged to be married! My second book was published Sept 28, 2016 and it’s titled, “Write Your Life With Grace, Fruit of the Spirit Guided Journal.” You can find it on Amazon and Xulon Press or you can go to my website at for more info. Blessings my friend, Tara


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